Wearable Literature: 6 literary scarves for book lovers

As the weather turns cooler here in Europe, we are adding a few extra layers so that we can keep warm. So, why not add a literary scarf? I’m sure every book lover will appreciate it, especially if you’re a girl like me who cannot live without scarves from autumn until early spring. Here’s a selection of 6 trendy literary scarves I’ve discovered on my searches:

Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf
Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf on Etsy

Book Lover's Scarf
Book Lover's Scarf on Etsy

Jorge Luis Borges Scarf on Etsy

Pride and Prejudice Scarf
Pride and Prejudice Scarf on Etsy

Harry Potter Scarf
Harry Potter Scarf on Etsy

Alice Rabbit Shawl Scarf
Alice Rabbit Shawl Scarf on Amazon

I don't have any bookish clothing in my closet yet, but I would love to have the Alice Rabbit Shawl Scarf. I love it :)

What about you, do you have any bookish clothing?

10 Incredible Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween Costumes for Cats

If you read my blog for some time you know I'm a cat person. I have one fur baby that is my faithful reading companion

Halloween is coming soon and all over the Internet we can find cool costume ideas. So, I though of collecting some cool Halloween costume ideas for cats. I hope you enjoy!

Note: all of the costumes bellow are available from Amazon.

Halloween Costumes for Cats - Cowboy Costume
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Being a Cat Lady


It's been a while since I've published anything here at Bookish Findings. As I've mentioned in the previous post, I've started a new blog - a pet blog for cat lovers titled Cat Lady Confidential. So, as you may easily guess, I love cats and everything related to cats.

I'll leave with a few of my favorite posts on my new blog.

I published a series of posts at Cat Lady Confidential focusing on the cat lady stereotype. The first post was about the origins of the crazy cat lady stereotype and the changes it underwent throughout the centuries. The second post, titled Breaking Free from the Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype, focused on the changing perceptions about cats and cats ladies. The last post of the series was a roundup post featuring the thoughts and feeling of 6 pet bloggers titled "Who is the Modern Cat Lady?".

But being a cat lady also means having the ability to laugh at yourself. So, I published some fun posts, like this one about the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure and I even created an infographic featuring all you need to become a crazy cat lady (Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit).

If you are a cat lover make sure you check out my new blog!

My new blog - Cat Lady Confidential

Cat Lady Confidential

I haven't published anything for a while because  I've been dedicated to a new project: my new pet blog.

If you're a cat person, please check out my new blog Cat Lady Confidential.

For the time being, I won't be publishing new posts here at Bookish Findings, but you can follow me at my new blog.

11 Ingenious Bookshelves Made From Unusual Repurposed Items

Seen here.

Beautiful bookshelf for children's room

Bookshelf for children's room

I love it!

Reading illustration

Just passed by to say I'm still here and to leave you with this lovely illustration. I'll be back soon with some NEWS!

Are you into audiobooks? Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

If you like listening to audiobooks, there's a new Amazon service named Audible that might interest you. You can sign up for $5 for a 30-Day Free Trial and you'll get 2 free audiobooks. Check it out!

Feeling cold? Buy a Book

A perfect reading room

I love this reading room! I would love to have a cool place like this in my house.

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