Creative reading positions

This fun chart with unconventional reading positions was created by eyewear producer Warby Parker. This chart is funny, but most of the positions are certainly uncomfortable, don't you think?

Books VS Ebooks: 10 awesome cartoons

This seems to be one of the topics of the moment amongst book lovers. So, I thought of gathering a few bookish cartoons about this topic. Check out these funny cartoons:

My favorite one is the "Meet the eAuthor"! What's your favorite?

A Tote Bag Perfect for Book Lovers

Would you like a bookish tote to carry your books?  I have found this cool tote bag and it's environmentally friendly and perfect for carrying books.

Do you have any bookish tote bags? I don't, but I would love to get one!

Buy it: Amazon

Funny book jokes #1

Funny book joke about reading

This is how we will explain our kids what were papers books meant for :)

Image via Pinterest

Dear Library Cartoon

Delicious! Don't you just love bookish cartoons?

Bookshelf Porn

Today I bring you an amazing bookish blog I visit almost everyday. Probably most of you have already heard about it, but for those who haven't, you should pay it a visit! 

I'm  talking about Bookshelf Porn, a blog I discovered through Time Magazine's list of the 25 Best Blogs 2012.

Created by Anthony Dever, Bookshelf Porn is a photo blog, much like Pinterest, enterily devoted to showcasing bookshelfes from all over the world. Here you can find every type of shelf, from bookstores, libraries or designers to personal workspaces or home offices. There are neat shelves and also messy ones. You can find thousands of bookshelf photos submitted by members of the site’s community from all over the world.

I can't get tired of it. From time to time I'll go back to Bookshelf Porn to delight myself with a few more beautiful bookshelves.

Check it out at

Here are a few photos I selected:

Bookshelf Porn

The Bookmark Collector #9

Fingerprint bookmark

Today I bring you another creative bookmark that I love: the Fingerprint bookmark! Isn't it cool?

Buy it: Amazon

10 Bookshelf decorating ideas

Hello everybody,

I'm sorry I have been a bit absent from the blog, but today I'm back with a post with some decoration ideas for bookshelves. I usually visit a few decor and design blogs because I love to look at the amazing pictures. And recently I came across some great ideas for decorating bookshelves, that I would like to share with you:

#1 - Balance books with decorative items

#2 - Leave some empty space

#3 - Paint the back wall of your bookshelf

#4 - Create symmetry

#5 - Create interest with leaning books

Modern Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

#6 - Create a sense of depth with art

#7 - Hide clutter with boxes

#8 - Arrange books by color

#9 - Use a limited color palette

#10 - Get an original bookshelf

My bookshelves are quite plain (just books) and I would really love to try some of these ideas. What about your bookshelves? How are your bookshelves like?
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