11 Ingenious Bookshelves Made From Unusual Repurposed Items

Seen here.

Beautiful bookshelf for children's room

Bookshelf for children's room

I love it!

Reading illustration

Just passed by to say I'm still here and to leave you with this lovely illustration. I'll be back soon with some NEWS!

Are you into audiobooks? Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

If you like listening to audiobooks, there's a new Amazon service named Audible that might interest you. You can sign up for $5 for a 30-Day Free Trial and you'll get 2 free audiobooks. Check it out!

Feeling cold? Buy a Book

A perfect reading room

I love this reading room! I would love to have a cool place like this in my house.

Bookstore receipt

Library receipt

So true :)

8 Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers - for her

Last week I published 8 Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers - for him and I promised I would publish a girly version of that post. I know most of my readers are women, but if there any guys out there that read this blog, check out my gift suggestions for your Valentine:

Valentine's Day Gifts - Heart book box
Heart book box

Valentine's Day Gifts - Book Lover's Gift Bundle
 Book Lover's Gift Bundle 
Includes a china mug, a quirky bookmark pad and a "B is for Book Lover" personalized bar available in smooth milk or rich 70% dark chocolate.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Book Gift Baskets
Book Gift Baskets
Beautiful spa and book gift baskets from Book Bouquet. These pampering gifts come with a variety of book choices and bath scents.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Kindle Slim Sleeve Cases
Kindle Slim Sleeve Cases

Valentine's Day Gifts - Jane Austen Novel Journal
Jane Austen Novel Journal
 A journal packed full of charming illustrations and great Austen quotes.

Book pendants
Stainless Steel Couples "Love Story" Book Pendants 
His & Her Necklace Set

Book on Book Acrylic Paperweight
Book on Book Acrylic Paperweight
The Book on Book paperweight is a clear transparent piece of acrylic shaped like an open book. You just place it on your book’s open page, and read. It wont flatten it out and you’ll be able to enjoy crumpet, tea, and book all at the same time.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Alice in Wonderland Necklace
"Down the Rabbit Hole" Necklace

Jewelry that tells a story - an Out of Print adaptation inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

My favorite is this last one - the Alice necklace. What's your favorite?

8 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers – for him

Even though I offered my boyfriend two or three books in the past, I couldn't convert him into a true bookworm like me. From time to time he reads a book, but he’s definitively not a true book lover. So, I won’t be giving him any books this year.

If your Valentine is a book lover and you've gotten him a book for the last four or five years, it may be time to change things up a bit. I have 8 bookish suggestions for you – some original literary gifts that are not books. Check them out!

What am I going to read next?

I know I've been absent from the blog, but this year I wen back to college to get a master's degree and I have several papers to finish.

So, I just stop by to say that I've been reading a lot on non-fiction for my master, but as soon as the semester is over I'll get back to fiction. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is already on my nightstand waiting for me to read it.

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